The corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative is a growing trend in enterprises of all sizes. As a small or medium sized business (SMB), it is especially difficult to know where to begin when making impactful changes in your business and manage the sustainability landscape. Often SMBs often don't have people trained in sustainability practices. Adrienne will inform expo goers about the business imperatives of sustainable practices and how tools can help define and cultivate their programs to reduce impact, save money and meet CSR targets.

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- A recent MIT Sloan Management Review survey show that investors increasingly believe that sustainability performance creates tangible value, and they are prepared to divest from companies with a poor sustainability footprint.

- Consumers are becoming increasingly more aware of sustainability initiatives. 

- As larger enterprises feel pressure from consumers they’re pushing new regulations down their supply chain.

There is an critical opportunity for SMBs to become more fully engaged in sustainability. It is good for business for all of us. 

Adrienne will be speaking at 2:30 PM Friday November 11th in the Sustainability Pavilion. Click HERE for tickets and more information about the festival. 


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