Terry Mollner

Terry Mollner, Ed.D., is Founder, Chair, and Executive Director of Trusteeship Institute, Inc., a think tank and consulting firm founded in 1973 based on the economic theories of Mahatma Gandhi. Trusteeship Institute focuses on the development of socially responsible businesses.

In the 1970s, Dr. Mollner was one of the earliest pioneers of socially responsible investing and, in 1982, was one of the founders of the Calvert Socially Responsible Investment Fund, the first such fund with the full panoply of social screens. Today it is the largest family of such funds with nearly $7 billion under management. He also provided the leadership to create the Calvert Foundation that is pioneering "community investment" - investment to end poverty - as another new asset class in the professional investment community. Calvert Foundation currently manages over $200 million and is about to launch a program to make its note available to over 300 million EBay and Pay Pal customers.

Dr. Mollner is on the board of Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc., the United Way of Hampshire County, Inc., a fellow of the World Business Academy, a member of the Social Venture Network, and a founder and member of Business Association of Local Living Economies (BALLE) of the Pioneer Valley. He was also one of the founders of Spirit In Business, Inc. in the USA. Mollner has written numerous articles and books, particularly on the Mondragon Cooperatives, and is currently working on a book entitled The Love Skill: It Determines How We Experience Everything Else and How We Change Our World.

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