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The CSR Group, LLC GeoRisk Tool™ is your new expert in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Environmental and social issues comprise 3 out of 5 of the World Economic Forum's top risks to supply chains, and multinational corporations around the world are intensifying efforts to mitigate this exposure. The CSR Group GeoRisk Tool™ is a user-friendly and intuitive tool that fills the gap in expertise on these issues. It helps businesses identify their risk exposure as well as inform their mitigation strategy.

Key features of The CSR Group GeoRisk Tool™ include:

  • Comparison Table: Compares countries and indicators selected in Map View to provide a user-friendly and intuitive method for understanding and weighing risk.

  • Map View: Visually displays an indicator on an interactive political map to provide a global overview of an issue that is both quick and comprehensive.

  • Data View: Displays indicators in a matrix to provide an in-depth investigation of an issue or set of countries.

  • Indicator Guide: Provides an overview of each risk indicator and how data is calculated to build a basic understanding of each issue.

Please contact us for a demo.

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