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Supply Chain Responsibility Practice

The CSR Group, LLC has evolved and focused its practice to concentrate on the area that presents the biggest and most complex enterprise risk to companies—the supply chain. Beginning with a rigorous assessment of a company’s existing supply chain policies, practices and management systems, The CSR Group works with clients to incorporate operational, environmental and social/human rights best practices into the organization’s supply chain management program.  Our goal is to create robust systems and methods that allow our clients to cooperatively manage supplier and vendor issues, while improving stakeholder relationships in the process. 


By working with our clients’ executive and operations management teams to understand the unique aspects of their specific company culture and business environment, The CSR Group provides focused strategic insights and program development services.  This allows supply chain responsibility performance to occur at the highest level, including the ability to leverage in-country expertise in supplier countries when appropriate.  

The CSR Group delivers results by providing: 

  • Development of Supplier Codes of Conduct

  • Vendor Documentation/Centralization

  • Partnership with Vendors

  • Industry Best Practices Collaboration

  • Risk-Benefit Analysis and Enterprise Risk Management Advice

  • Back-up Sourcing Plans

  • Managing Audit process

  • Community Engagement Strategy

  • Carbon Footprinting

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