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Sustainability Strategy

In addition to our in-house collaboration team, our services are delivered through a network of independent consultants, thought leaders and strategic partners. We draw from their vast experience and expertise, combine this knowledge with our proprietary diagnostic/analytic tools, and customize each client engagement to fit the customer's needs. The CSR Group, LLC has worked with multinational corporations, Fortune 500 companies, closely held corporations, and startups in numerous, diverse business sectors. We approach each client with open ears and a passion for excellence. We seek to understand our clients’ needs and challenges deeply, no matter where they presently are on the journey of sustainability and social responsibility. Together, we can move forward to greater success and better business.

Strategic Advisory Practice Services:

  • CSR Audits and Self-Assessment

  • CSR Program Development and Implementation

  • Benchmarking and tailored Metric Development

  • CSR / Sustainability Strategy

  • Environmental Management

  • Supply Chain Responsibility Programs

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