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At The CSR Group, LLC we are passionate about sustainability and committed to working with our clients to develop effective strategies, pragmatic assessments and transparent communications around corporate social responsibility. We offer easy-to-use software tools, proven templates and a community of best practices. With a special understanding of the challenges facing small and medium sized (SMEs) enterprises, our focus is to make sustainability more accessible for everyone.


With our Self-Assessment Tool, a company of any size can conduct a self-assessment of their sustainability and ESG performance in five key areas:

  • Sustainability/ESG Evolution

  • Ethics and Governance

  • Social (Internal and external)

  • Environmental (waste, water, energy)

  • Stakeholder Engagement

GeoRisk Tool

The GeoRisk Tool is a highly valuable tool that provides guidance on risk relating to supply chain responsibility.

This tool assesses 204 countries and territories across social, environmental and business categories. It is designed to empower your organization to build a socially and environmentally responsible supply chain.



Benchmarking Tool

The Benchmarking Tool is a competitor analysis focusing on the area(s) of each client’s choice – from overall sustainability practices to environmental policies to stakeholder engagement or other matters of importance.

Stakeholder Mapping Tool

The Stakeholder Mapping Tool is an analysis of all of a client's key stakeholder relationships and provides clarity of purpose and prioritization of issues and relationships. 

Supply Chain Responsibility Tool Kit

Our Supply Chain Responsibility Tool Kit is a set of tools and templates that will enable your suppliers to comply with your standards, or if you are a supplier it facilitates the development of the most common SCR requirements by your key customers. As a supplier, we provide best practice supplier codes of conduct, child labor policy advise and guidance, water, waste and GHG footprint templates, etc.


For deeper learning about areas of sustainability, please check out our webinars.

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