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Sustainability Strategy Suite

Benchmarking Tool


The Benchmarking Tool is a competitor analysis focusing on the area(s) of each client’s choice – from overall sustainability practices to environmental policies to stakeholder engagement or other matters of importance. Profiled companies could include industry leaders, peers, or best-in-practice companies. The recommended scope of the study includes five companies, including the client company, utilizing twenty sustainability indicators.


This tool gives your company an external perspective and is fully customizable to your company's needs. We will work with you to determine the best benchmarking approach and then create a benchmarking suite that best fits your goals.


Stakeholder Mapping Suite



The Stakeholder Mapping Tool is an analysis of all of a client's key stakeholder's relationships and provides clarity of purpose and prioritization of issues and relationships. This can be critical when developing a strategic plan.


The Stakeholder Mapping Tool creates a cohesive approach throughout your organization. It provides one single place for information to be used throughout your entire company and brings to light unexpected opportunities and "ah-ha moments".

This tool will shift your company from being reactive, to being proactive.

Self-Assessment Tool


The Self-Assessment Tool encourages internally open and transparent dialogue without fear of reprisal. Such openness and transparency not only improves detection of key areas of concern but also fosters better managerial decisions in ways to improve sustainability goals.



The Tool is especially helpful for companies that are just embarking on the sustainability and responsibility journey. This includes companies just embarking on the journey and those that are well underway but need a tool to track and assess their progress.

However, companies with ESG measures already in place also find the Self-Assessment Tool useful because it helps them identify areas that may have been overlooked or under-reported.



The Self-Assessment Tool is sectioned into key ESG components so that each component can be assigned to the appropriate personnel. Once each component is completed, the project coordinator compiles the responses and delivers an overall assessment for each CSR area of interest.

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