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The CSR Group, LLC provides support in the development of a comprehensive sustainability strategy and program on a monthly retainer basis. Our advisory services allow you to receive expert advice on a variety of strategic and tactical sustainability and ESG issues as they arise, and provide an information umbrella that supports and gives context to the other specific services contained in this menu. 

Supply Chain Responsibility

Companies and consumers are increasingly more aware that customers do not just buy products; they also buy the supply chains that deliver the products.

The CSR Group, LLC works with clients to more robustly incorporate environmental and human rights best practices into an organization’s supply chain management program.

Sustainability Strategy

Using the insights gained from the results of our Self- Assessment, Benchmarking Service, and Stakeholder Services, The CSR Group, LLC creates a strategic plan for sustainability within the context of the client’s unique business strategy and practices.

This plan will also provide the foundation for reporting and will outline the strategy and methodology proposed for producing the Report, including highlighting key issues to be reported. 


Sustainability Report

We feel the best approach in producing a Sustainability Report is for the document to serve as an introduction to a client’s long-term commitment to sustainability and to set the tone and expectations for future comprehensive reporting.

Stakeholder Mapping & Stakeholder Engagement

The CSR Group, LLC develops a better understanding of a client’s stakeholder relationships and helps to prioritize, leverage, and manage those relationships. Building an effective, proactive stakeholder engagement strategy will also result in more effective risk management and more meaningful and beneficial stakeholder relationships.

Benchmarking Service

The CSR Group, LLC works with clients to design a benchmarking study built around the client’s goals.

We tailor the study to focus on the areas of each client’s choice – from overall sustainability practices to environmental policies to stakeholder engagement or other matters of importance.


Carbon Management  Service

The CSR Group, LLC, in partnership with select environmental engineering firms, provides strategic carbon management and implementation.​


The CSR Group, LLC guides your strategic corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiatives to reach your audience.

Sustainability Training

We work together with our clients to develop customized plans for in house training and help implement effective "train the trainer" programs on ESG and Sustainability. These trainings can vary from web-based to in person workshops. The pricing varies depending upon the needs of the client.


Alliance Partner Service

Via our strategic alliances, we also offer services in the following areas: 

  •  Strategic Risk Management

  •  Environmental Services

  •  Branding and Communications

  •  Green Building and LEED

  •  Sustainability Survey Streamlined              Reporting

  •  Other strategic sustainability                      services 

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