Sustainability Report

A Sustainability Report is an introduction to a client’s long-term commitment to sustainability and to set the tone and expectations for future comprehensive reporting.  The Report should strive to achieve a GRI “C” level, reporting on 10 metrics. The Sustainability Report is just one expression of the overall sustainability strategy

Below is an integrated process for developing a Report that will provide a foundation for future reporting, evolving in content and sophistication over time.


  • Determine goals of the client in creating the Report, including content and metrics.

  • Ensure Report communication is aligned with client’s business strategy.

  • Develop a detailed roadmap and timeline for the Report to guide the process.

  • Begin to design and create data gathering systems.

  • Consult with client’s marketing team to ensure that communication is consistent with branding and other marketing initiatives.

  • Develop an agreed upon writing timeline together with key contacts.

  • Deliver section drafts as they are completed.

  • Gather input in a timely manner and refine drafts to the point where they can be shared with those whose approval is required. We allow for two rounds of revisions, with additional rounds for additional cost.

  • Complete all writing and editing and obtain necessary approvals.

  • Deliver a full draft of the Report (24-48 pages).