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BACKGROUND:  Our client, a new tech company that was spun off from a well known corporation, needed to establish its independent presence in the marketplace, communicate effectively about its legacy of strong environmental and socially responsible performance and inform vendors, customers and other stakeholders of its plans for the future.

APPROACH:  Strategy and content sessions were held with the client to determine goals, themes and potential issues.  The company had many employees who formerly worked for the predecessor, which provided both a resource of information and insights into how to help establish a new identity for sustainability practices.  The decision was made to create a multi-panel/page print piece that could be used with customers, investors and community members (e.g. distributed at meetings, available at the company’s facilities and headquarters), and could also be a feature and download on the company’s website.

Working closely with the client’s brand ambassadors and corporate responsibility personnel, the The CSR Group, LLC team created a variety of looks and color palettes for consideration, while drafting preliminary text and selecting images for piece.  Thematically, the storylines highlighted, people, place and process, utilizing bold graphics to help convey the company’s cutting edge technologies and organizational values.

RESULTS:  The final product met all of the client’s goals and exceeded expectations.  Reactions from stakeholders have been enthusiastic.  It is prominently featured on the website as a succinct overview of the company’s corporate responsibility practices, viewable or downloadable, 24/7.  Perhaps most important, it provides a foundation for future CSR reporting with updated metrics and data based on the new operations.

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