Plastics Pollution & Your Brand

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Let’s address the big pink elephant in the room… 


or rather, the small plastic straw.



It seems pretty harmless, and if this were the only one we wouldn’t have to talk about it. The reality is we use 550 million straws a day in the US and the UK alone, and those 550 million straws area breaking down into another million bits of marine debris. Where do those micro-plastics end up? If not on your dinner plate, it takes up toxic space in the stomachs of marine animals, wreaking havoc on a hierarchy of ecosystems through biomagnification.



Cancer, toxins, and pollution..Don’t tell us twice - We know its bad. But do THEY? 


Find out how the global plastics crisis are impacting your brand and your business in our next webinar, presented by Lonely Whale Executive Director, Dune Ives.


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Sustainable Practices Keeps Long-term Costs Down

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If something is sustainable, it keeps producing and avoids scarcity and a raw material that is plentiful will keep costs down. To quote Dick Jones, Director of Ocean Outcomes, “Sustainability is not a movement, it is a critical element if you want to have a viable business. You need fish in order to run your business profitably, so ensuring that the fish in your supply chain is sustainable is a good business decision.”

During the recent Back-to-School Webinar on supply chain sustainability sponsored by The CSR Group, Dick provided an overview of the sustainable seafood movement.

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Whole Foods

Paula worked with me at Whole Foods Market 365 brand to help us establish international social responsibility standards. While these standards really need to come from within an organization, CSRG administered the audits, helped us interpret them, led us in a process to develop a personalized approach, as well as communicate to our manufacturers. This work clarified, to our entire company, the complexity and risk of sustainability issue in the supply chain. 

Paula is a thought leader in this area, having worked with leading global brands for over 13 years. Her understanding of sustainability and its depth and complexity of the issues is at the top of her profession. Paula and CSRG are now taking this to the web via software tools that will be groundbreaking and game changing. The tool will allow thousands of companies to 'wake up' to sustainability challenges of global sourcing in a easy to understand format. Bravo.

Bruce Silverman,

Former Regional Vice President

Burt's Bees

CSRG took the time to understand the Burt's Bees opportunities and helped generate options that both stretched our thinking but were realistically actionable. The exercise was a valuable use of time and money.

Jim Geikie
Former Vice President of Global Marketing

ACCO Brands

I have worked with Paula and The CSR Group team over the past 4 years and have been extremely impressed by the knowledge, experience and their delivery.  We worked on a fact based business case for CSR that was successfully used to influence the CEO to start the implementation of a company wide CSR program with a dedicated resource.  We partnered with The CSR Group to develop a detailed 10 year roadmap for our CSR activities that is so well thought out that it will stand the test of time.  We successfully worked on a scope 1 and 2 Carbon Management Pilot that has already been leveraged across the company and will lay the foundation for all future carbon work at the company.  Above all else, Paula has the experience and knowledge to cut through the plethora of actors, frameworks, approaches, and terminologies.  I would highly recommend The CSR Group to anyone, whether starting your CSR program or wanting to take your program to the next level.

Bruce Starcher
Director of CSR and Sustainability



Cooper Industries

Prior to my retirement as Vice President Environmental Affairs and Risk Management in 2008 I selected The CSR Group to assist Cooper Industries in the design and preparation of a global Social Responsibility program. We selected CSR over larger service providers and were most pleased with the results obtained. They are a women owned business and were most efficient and experienced. We had the satisfaction of meeting our objectives ahead of schedule and within the estimated cost of the project. The individuals we met with at the outset of the project (Paula Ivey and Geoff Cline) were the individuals who did the work. I found that to be a rare occurrence when hiring larger more diversified firms. I have since utilized their services for a large Fortune 1000 client of my firm. Again they did an outstanding job. They not only stepped into the middle of an ongoing initiative, they helped expedite the deliverables of program tools needed to communicate my client’s Social Responsibility efforts internally and externally. I intend to utilize their services again as soon as a client need arises.

Bob Teets
Former Chief Environmental Officer

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