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The CSR Group provides services and tools to achieve solutions in a holistic approach to responsible business.



Over the past 15 years, The CSR Group has worked on projects with varying scopes and foci, ranging from  Sustainability Plans with Whole Foods Market, to Stakeholder Engagement with Global Foundries.  



The CSR Group, LLC is a strategic advisory services firm that works with businesses of all sizes to assess, develop and implement pragmatic solutions, improve performance and communicate about corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable practices. From supply chain responsibility and stakeholder engagement, to reporting and communications, or the development of focused strategic programs and management systems, The CSR Group brings expertise, creativity and the highest levels of competence to meet the needs of our clients.  

The CSR Group



"Paula worked with me at Whole Foods Market 365 brand to help us establish international social responsibility standards. While these standards really need to come from within an organization, CSRG administered the audits, helped us interpret them, led us in a process to develop a personalized approach, as well as communicate to our manufacturers. This work clarified, to our entire company, the complexity and risk of sustainability issue in the supply chain. 

Paula is a thought leader in this area, having worked with leading global brands for over 13 years. Her understanding of sustainability and its depth and complexity of the issues is at the top of her profession. Paula and CSRG are now taking this to the web via software tools that will be groundbreaking and game changing. The tool will allow thousands of companies to 'wake up' to sustainability challenges of global sourcing in a easy to understand format. Bravo."


Bruce Silverman,

Former Regional Vice President

at Whole Foods Market

Get to know

CSR Expert: Paula Ivey

Paula Ivey is a pioneer in the field of corporate sustainability.
Having paved the way since 1995, Paula has played a leader­ship role globally in the rapidly evolving field of sustainability/ESG. She is the president and founder of The CSR Group LLC, a leading sustainability advisory firm she launched in 2002.