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July 2021: Our Top Reads

A lot happened in July. Here's what we learned:

Great advice from some of the top voices in the sustainability field. New insights on how to approach change, movements, and policy.

With the Olympics on everyone's minds, it can be hard to look past the spectacular feats from all different countries. However, the sustainability pledges made by the different International Sport Federations are not being met.

Pandemic or not, progress forward is still being made.

In 2021, women are making up 54% of CSOs. At face value, this appears to be an amazing feat- but it's more complicated than that.


What We're Looking Forward To in August:

Greenbiz's webinar on Strategies for Companies to Enable More Sustainable and Healthier Buildings is scheduled for August 12th. We're really looking forward to learning more about the connecting between sustainability and the workplace. Find out more here.



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