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October 2022: Our Top Reads

A lot has happened in the past few months. Check out the latest news on ESG and read what the experts have to say:

The rules of the game are changing, and investors love it. A look at the SEC’s proposed Climate Disclosure Rule and why institutional investors are overwhelmingly supportive of it.

ESG investing has taken some heat recently, why? The Union of Concerned Scientists highlight the real costs of leaving ESG out of the portfolio.

Sure, the transition to clean energy is not easy to make. The benefits, however, are not easy to ignore. Take a look at what clean energy could mean for the job market and what steps we can take to ensure a stable transition.

An estimated 40% of global trade is reliant on nature, what does this mean for the global economy? This article takes a look at international dependence on the trade of natural resources and the associated risks.


What To Look Forward To in November:

The 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference will take place November 6th-18th in Egypt. We look forward to hearing world leaders speak on climate change and offer practical insights to guide business leaders across the globe. Read more about what to expect from COP27 here.


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